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Iboga (Tabernanthe Iboga) has a long history of use as a medicine and spiritual sacrament in central Africa. The legend goes that the forest people (pygmies) first discovered it through the observations of animals such as boar, porcupines, and gorillas consuming the root. Iboga capsules are used once a lifetime in large doses in an initiatory ceremony by the Bwiti. The purpose of this initiation is for people to visit the spirit world and commune with their ancestors while seeking guidance for their lives.

Iboga capsules are no pleasure trip. It lacks any kind of recreational attraction and isn’t even intoxicating in the normal sense. Pleasure or thrill seekers look elsewhere. However, it has the capacity to be profoundly cleansing and therapeutic when used with care and respect.

Iboga capsules… Why Take The Plunge?

The west knows Iboga for ibogaine capsules and its addiction-interrupting effects. In Africa, they refer to Iboga as a master healer, and has been long used as a medicine and a spiritual sacrament. Iboga is not only effective at breaking addictions but also a powerful ally in breaking destructive habits and behavior patterns. Venturing on an Iboga capsule journey is a personal and therapeutic experience, and it will tend to confront you with your past and elements of your shadow. For many, ibogaine capsules take the form of a teacher…it is direct yet not overbearing, both powerful and gentle, having a soft touch while being straight to the point.


A few grams of root bark can be ingested over the course of the day. To gently introduce the ibogaine capsules to your system and get it resonating with the plant. The Bwiti is known to consume ibogaine capsules over a few days.

Ideally, it would be best to consume iboga under the supervision of a healer or medical professional experienced with iboga. Such an approach can be highly expensive, however. It is important to have a sitter present, at least for the first stage of the experience.

During a flood experience, one won’t have much interest in conversing with anyone, but in the unlikely event of someone needing assistance, it would be good to have somebody trusted and understanding on hand such as a friend or family member.

The Aftermath

Following the experience, the iboga capsules are still working on you, it is highly lipophilic so hang around in body tissues, gradually being released and converted into noribogaine by the liver. Ibogaine capsules cause a long-term increase in the expression of a protein called glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) a neuroprotective agent that also induces neuronal sprouting. This aspect of long-term effects makes iboga root bark capsules. Thus taking other drugs in the months after the experience will interfere with this process. buy Iboga capsules online

Micro dosing Ibogaine Capsules

Micro dosing with iboga can be another effective way of working with iboga. And is a safe and controlled way of using the plant, easily incorporated into day-to-day life. Recommend this for anyone who wishes to take a flood dose of iboga, so one can get a feel for the plant, and test for the extremely unlikely event of an allergic reaction.

If consuming root bark, it is good to taste a little pinch of the plant first. So you get a feel for the plant with all your senses. You can take 500mg of iboga root bark capsules every four days. As an anti-addictive and anti-depressant medicine (empty ‘00’ capsules work well for this).


For flooding, I would recommend using TA extract. It has all the benefits of the ‘whole plant’ experience of the root bark, containing the full spectrum of alkaloids. But it is much easier to dose and easier and smoother on the body. It is also much cheaper than purchasing extracts or pure ibogaine online. TA produces much less dizziness than the root bark, and it is easier to move around on it. It is easier to go deeper on it than the root bark, requiring much less material consumption.

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7 reviews for IBOGA CAPSULES

  1. Kai Alexandra

    I have tried many supplements and I have never found one that actually helps me reach my goal or whatever it is I’m trying for. So, when I was introduced to iboga capsules it was a miracle! It actually helped me reach my goal. I will continue using this product and let others know about the great results. Thank you for making such a good product.

  2. Noe Brooke

    I love the capsules they are awesome

  3. Wallace Sophia

    I am really enjoying your product. I really feel that it is helping me stay on track with my diet and exercise.

  4. Tru Harper

    Iboga Capsules is a powerful herbal supplement that helps with quitting smoking. The capsules helped me to quit smoking after 30 years of smoking.

  5. Aria Jade

    I love the fact that I can take them without any side effects. That’s a bonus for me. A little goes a long way, so I’m able to get relief from my symptoms without feeling out of sorts.

  6. Ella Hadley

    Highly recommended for both male and female. I’ve been taking it for couple of months and I have noticed a great change in myself.

  7. Morgan Kinsley

    I love iboga capsules and the effects are amazing. It has been about a week since I started taking them, and for me it is way better than any other product. I like its purity and I can say that it is a safe and very good alternative to other products. I am also happy that it comes from a trustworthy seller, which is why I had no doubts when buying it!

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