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It is believed that the Psilocybin Mexicana plant was first discovered (magic Mexicana mushrooms, 1958) by Robert Watson. By that, I mean that people from the western world started playing with it from the moment that point.

But since the magic truffles Mexicana in the Mayans, many other people have used truffles for thousands of years. They call it the ‘flesh of the gods’ because due to its powerful impact. While using magic truffles amsterdam mexicana, you’ll be able to experience something unique. that dates back many years ago. The most significant effects of psilocybin are the feeling of a cheerful heart and the sensation of euphoria and sharpened vision. Great to share with companions, since the journey isn’t too serious.

It was it that. Albert Hofmann grew in his Sandoz lab. It was the first time that he isolated and named active entheogenic substances psilocybin as well as psilocin. But, it is unclear whether or not artificially grown mushrooms will maintain their psychoactive nature.


Being fully aware that my understanding of the Mexicana source of the truffles would cause me to believe that I was only seeing Mexican surroundings, I tried to concentrate on looking at my surroundings as I would have seen them in the normal way. However, all efforts to observe things in their traditional appearance and colors proved unsuccessful. When my eyes were shut or open I only saw Mexican patterns and colors. The doctor overseeing the experiment bent over me to check my blood pressure. He changed into the form of an Aztec priest and I wouldn’t be shocked had he pulled out an obsidian blade. Despite the seriousness of the incident I was amused to observe that it was that the Germanic look of my coworker had been transformed into an Indian face.

The Mexicana magic truffles have been around since the Mayans. Many other people have used truffles for a long time. The term ‘flesh of gods’ is used to describe it because of the powerful effects it has. While using this truffle, you’ll also be able to experience something unique. It dates back to years and years ago. The main effects of psilocybin are a sensation of euphoria and sharpened vision. It is a great option to travel with friends, as the experience isn’t all that stressful.

It was the same species Dr. Albert Hofmann grew in his Sandoz lab. The first isolated and named the active entheogenic substances psilocybin as well as Psilocin. But, it is unclear whether or not artificially cultivated mushrooms would maintain the psychoactive qualities that they possess naturally.

Consumption and cultivation Of Mexicana Magic Truffles.

The magic truffles Amsterdam mexicana is in the species Mexicanae. Other mushrooms in the genus include Psilocybe Atlantis and Psilocybe samuiensis. Ramirez-Cruz et al. (2013) considered Psilocybe acutipilea from Brazil to be a possible synonym of Psilocybe mexicana, in which case it would be the senior synonym, but the type specimen was too moldy for them to be certain.

  • Gills: Adnate or adnexed, gray to purple-brown with whitish edges.
  • Spore Print: Dark purple brown
  • Stipe: 4 — 10(12.5) cm tall x 1 — 2(3) mm thick, equal, hollow, straw color to brown or red, becoming darker where injured, annulus absent.
  • Odor: Farinaceous
  • Taste: Farinaceous


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