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What is magic truffles microdosing?

Firstly magic truffle microdosing is the practice of ingesting very small amounts (“micro” amounts). Moreover, psychedelic substances improve mental aspects like creativity, energy levels, mood, focus, and motivation.

With microdosing you take such a low dosage of the psychedelic that you can continue to function capably in daily life. A typical microdose of dried truffles is just 300 milligrams. If using fresh truffles, you would have about 500 milligrams. Some people use a little bit more; each person’s preferences are different.

You can either purchase pre-prepared packs like ours, which contain six (slightly higher) one-gram microdoses; enough to last for a 3-week period of microdosing – or you can grind them down into a powder.

Either way, the powdered magictruffles microdose can be taken “dry” as is, deposited inside empty gelatin capsules, or mixed into water or another liquid (note: we don’t recommend drinking alcohol in tandem with microdosing).

Preparing a Micro dosage

Do you want to go microdosing on magictruffles? Then you have to know what you are doing. Before you know it you’ve had too much and you see things at work that your colleagues can not see.

The best way to take magic truffle for micro dosage is when you grind the truffles into powder. The ideal dose for microdosing differs per person and depends on several factors such as:

The strength of the truffles
How your body responds to it
Your experience
What and how much you have eaten
This is a quest that you must undergo. We can advise a general amount: a microdose is often 10% to 5% of a normal dosage. A typical microdose of dried magic truffle is + – 300 milligrams. If you use fresh psilocybe truffles, you need about 500 milligrams.

When you have no effect or you get a trippy feeling, adjust the microdose the next time. Pay attention to the effects, then you can find out which dose suits you best.

A micro dosage is very precise, so you need a good scale. A scale that shows reliable and precise figures. Most people use a scale that can weigh from 0.01. Capsules are useful to have. You then fill each capsule with one micro dosage. An advantage of magic truffle capsules is that you can easily store them. You can grind your magic truffle into powder with a bean grinder.

What are the risks of magic truffles?

It is often thought that there are no risks associated with the use of “natural products” like psilocybe truffles. That idea is wrong. Violent and even negative emotions can arise from the effects of truffle use. Most people have what is called “a bad trip” which can be due to the user not being able to handle the effects. Much like people who don’t know how to handle their alcohol. A bad trip can be annoying, but almost never dangerous.

The active substances in truffles are not harmful to the body. However, it can become dangerous in very exceptional situations. For example, the chance of having a bad trip is higher if you drink alcohol before or during the trip.

Note: Please make sure you use truffles responsibly. The more careful you are, the fewer the risks.


9 reviews for MICRO DOSING MAGIC TRUFFLES – 6 X 1grams

  1. Reginald Zayne

    I was skeptical at first…but it works! I ordered magic truffles and it was delivered to me in 2 days. It was packed beautifully, in a lovely box and a pouch with the magic truffles inside. I took three magic truffles that night and from then on, my life changed for the better and i’ve never looked back.

  2. Jordan Salvador

    Great product, the whole family got on board and we are doing our best to keep happy.

  3. Harley Quinn

    The microdosing magic truffles really helped me with my anxiety and depression. I feel a lot better when i take them.

  4. Allison Berker

    This is a great product. I feel more focused, my mood is better, and I have more energy throughout the day. I’m using this in conjunction with other herbs and it really works well.

  5. Kelvin McCoy

    I have just received my order of magic truffles and I am really satisfied with the product. I have ordered this product from a few different sites and they don’t even compare to the quality of these. I am so glad I found this site.

  6. Doby Hendrix

    I noticed this product has many positive reviews and I found myself in the same boat. I have been microdosing for about 2 months now and can say that it has helped me with my anxiety and depression. Thanks Magic Truffles.

  7. Spencer Freeman

    Going through a breakup? microdosing magic truffles can help you get through it, without losing your mind. I used it to help me get over an ex girlfriend in college and ended up with a new woman!

  8. Summer Rayne

    I love these magic truffles. I have been microdosing for about 6 months now and wouldn’t go back to the old me for anything! The truffles are discreet and taste great!!

  9. Adonis Pedro

    I’m a major advocate for microdosing magic truffles

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