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Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms are one of the most potent strains available. The mutant penis-like appearance characterizes the mushroom. The mushrooms are usually small, and the cap fully opens like a normal cubensis that is about to drop spores. The Albino Penis Envy mushrooms strain is a very potent magic mushroom strain that is known to have a higher amount of psilocin and PsilocybeIt contains more ‘Magic’ than other Psilocybe Cubensis strains.

The penis envy mushrooms strain is a mutant mushroom. It’s old and unstable, none the less this is one of the greatest cubensis spores available. It also has a huge following of fans on the net. We have found many websites with entire forums devoted to this one strain of cubensis, it’s that popular!

Usage of Penis Envy Mushroom

  • A 2012 study of 409 university students in the American northeast found that nearly 30% of those surveyed had tried penis envy mushroom at least once.
  • Surveys in 12 EU member states found that people aged 15– 24 years old use albino penis envy mushrooms ranging from less than 1% to 8%
  • In the UK, almost 340,000 people aged 16–59 had used albino penis envy mushrooms in the last year as of 2004/2005, right before they were made completely illegal in the UK.

 Penis Envy Mushroom Effects

  •  1-2.5g includes the increased intensity of emotional experiences, increased introspection, and altered psychological functioning in the form of “hypnagogic experiences.
  • Perceptual changes such as illusions, and synesthesia (mixing sensory modalities.
  • Some of these changes are halos around lights and objects and geometric patterns. You may experience changes in your visual perception.
  • Your thoughts and emotions will also start to change.

Anyone curious about trying Penis Envy mushrooms for the first time will inevitably worry at some point about having a “bad trip”. This comes with hallucinations, uncontrollable paranoia, and reckless behaviors.

Bad Trips Related To Dried Penis Envy Mushrooms

Anyone curious about trying magic mushroom spores for the first time will inevitably worry at some point about having a “bad trip” — dysphoric hallucinations, uncontrollable paranoia, and reckless behaviors are usually some of the most common worries.

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  1. Saxo

    Took 3 of these and man was I happy at the end of that trip. I def recommend if you’re looking for a good time.

  2. Jarule

    This stuff is crazy

  3. Ryan

    My buddy bought some shrooms from this site and told me that it was an amazing experience. I didn’t think a lot of it then, but when I eventually decided to buy some it was mad

  4. Max

    This is the best mushroom around the world. It gives you such a high feeling and you don’t need to take much, it makes you feel like you have no body weight and makes you feel so happy about life.

  5. Miller

    I recommend this site to anyone who wants great quality magic mushrooms, the best customer service and fast delivery. I’ve tried other sites, but this one was the best by far.

  6. Kevin

    Hearty, meaty and flavorful, our greatest hits of the wild mushroom world. Penis envy mushrooms are a real treat!

  7. Jason

    I would say that it is a lot stronger than the average mushroom

  8. Mary Gold

    It was a wonderful experience!

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